Shiosai and Minokake are exciting new projects by Hamabe Ventures adding to our already well-renowned Ose villa. Building on the Ose concept where the Hamabe team blends innovation with classical Japanese design and architecture, the two new properties go a step further. Both have Hamabe Ventures’s signature style offering you a very personalised space for you to appreciate the natural surroundings and magnificent views.

Shiosai (English: “The Sound of Waves”) is named after the 1954 novel by renowned author, actor and director, Yukio Mishima . Set in a small seaside town, it is a love story of young fisherman Shinji and the beautiful Hatsue, daughter of the most powerful man in the small town. Mishima spent much time in Izu and no doubt found great inspiration here for his varied pieces of work. Indeed this actual property was once owned by the Mishima family. Situated less than 30 metres from the water this name is clearly most appropriate as our guests can very clearly hear the waves and find their own inspiration.

Shiosai’s design and layout are rooted in our core philosophy of simple, clean and contemporary design incorporating “wa.” It allows for quiet introspection whilst contemplating the beautiful environment. Innovative yet functional design allows you to enter the house via the roof. Upon entering the house, the ocean is framed beautifully before your feet. Shiosai offers two bedrooms with a spacious bathroom that also enables you to enjoy the splendour of the ocean while you soak yourself in a bath. However, you would be spoilt for choice between choosing the vantage point of the bath or from the outdoor infinity pool which is heated for the winter months. This would be the perfect spot to relax after a snorkel or a wade in the waters below which are easily accessible via the steps from the house. The pool is on the lower floor which also features a spacious living room.

As you enter the house, from the roof,
the ocean gradually expands in front of you…

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