Nestled in a secluded headland of national park in Minami Izu, Hamabe Ōse is a spectacular location.

Perched atop a secluded headland of national park, a rare extensive property takes in more than merely the grandeur of the ocean. To this natural beauty Hamabe Ventures has taken a perfectly positioned old Japanese “pension” (read “B&B”), and carefully renovated it bringing a creative, modern design aspect – while carefully maintaining the character of the house.

Despite the limitations of an existing structure, we were still able to incorporate the key concepts we try to bring to our properties. Key here is bringing modern amenities and style while still maintaining and even emphasising the simple, minimalist aspects of Japanese architecture. The classic materials are there: tatami, hinoki (cedar), dry garden stone and even washi (Japanese paper) – but in some cases with a modern creative spin to traditional materials. See the “low bar” replete with tatami and glass-enclosed washi counter.

Open the large sliding windows in the living room to enjoy the broad expanse of ocean, with its sounds and smells. This can also be enjoyed from our specially designed “low bar” with tatami. Also on this floor we also have a huge modern kitchen and and library space to relax with a DVD.

What really makes Hamabe Ose special is a huge garden with an infinity pool, the green is mixed with stone and other colours such the local cherry blossom – the Kawazu-sakura.

Materials plays such a large role in the design of Hamabe Ose that each of the 3 bedrooms downstairs is named and themed after a particular material.

Ishi (stone): The style for this bedroom is “modern wa” with slate flooring and cedar fittings. This style continues in the spacious bathroom with is covered in “izu-ishi” stone with a mirror extending around the whole room for trompe l’oeil effect.

Ki (wood): This is the more traditional style bedroom room with tatami and washi screenscontrasted with some funky hamabe blue cushions of our design. The bathroom has a warm wood feel, the highlight being the large hinoki bath.

Urushi (lacquer): In this is bedroom, the design team has made a satire of the subtlety of traditional Japanese design. Urushi is arguably an uncharacteristic material given Japanese sensibilities towards reflective and glossy materials and the team in this room highlights this juxtaposition.

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