So much to discover: hidden beaches, refreshing onsen, the history of Shimoda…



The beguiling aspect of Shimoda and the environs is that it allows for discovery. By foot, you can walk through the quiet and narrow streets of Shimoda town. The port itself is of historic significance as it was Japan’s first port to be opened to foreign ships from 1854 following the signing of a treaty between America and Japan. A festival in the 3rd week of May is still held each year to commemorate the arrival of Commodore Perry’s black steam ships in the port. Tourists and local alike can dress up in costumes to relive a time dating back to the Edo period 150 years ago.


World’s First “Floating Aquarium”

The world’s first floating aquarium in Shimoda town is worth a visit. There are giant turtles, penguins, seals amongst others but the highlight is the dolphin shows which are held daily.We introduce an attractive place of Minamiizu such as Cape Iro-zaki, Yumi-ga-Hama.

Kanaya ryokan Senninburo

This historical landmark was built in 1915 towards the end of Edo period. At 15m x 5m x 1m it houses one of the biggest hinoki baths in Japan. The onsen was a common bathing spot for those labouring under tough conditions in Japan’s silk industry. The direct translation for “Sennin-buro” is “1000 person bath”, and this is literally what is was. In order to accommodate so many of the workers after their hours of toil, the bath was built extra deep and long, so that each person could wade through for maximum throughput!

1142, Kochi, Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka, 415-0011, Japan 34 mins from Rendaiji station.
TEL 0558-22-0325

Kannon onsen

Kannon is famous for its very high alkaline content with Ph levels close to 10. This leaves the skin truly silky smooth. Well worth the 20-30 minute drive west of Izukyu Shimoda station.

1092-1, Yokokawa, Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka, 413-0712, Japan
TEL 0120-01-9994 / 0558-28-1234

Gin no Yu Kaikan

Great location along the river, especially beautiful around February when the kawazu-zakura are blooming. One of the larger onsen with both inside and outside baths. Water more of the salty than mineral types.

247-1, Shimogamo, Minamiizu-cho Kamo-gun, Shizuoka, 415-0303, Japan
TEL 0558-63-0026

Yumigahama Marine Center

Mikomoto island is the most mesmerising dive location in Izu. A 30 minute boat ride from the Teishi port in Yumigahama, what is special here is the opportunity to see schools of hammerhead sharks – an precious experience for any diver.

901-28, Minato, Minamiizu-cho Kamo-gun, Shizuoka, 415-0152, Japan
TEL 0558-62-1980

Izu Shimoda Country Club

Situated just beyond the Irozaki peninsula heading south, the club is our recommended golf club in Minami Izu. While similar to many courses in Japan with beautiful yet hilly terrain, bushy rough to capture those wayward drives, yet combined with always well kept fairways and greens. Yet for the adventurous ones willing to climb 50 metres or more to the back tees, the 16th hole at this course offers spectacular views of the ocean.

2383-1, Iruma, Minamiizu-cho Kamo-gun, Shizuoka, 415-0312, Japan
TEL 0558-62-2211

Iro-zaki Lighthouse

The Irosaki lighthouse is a pleasant walk from the main road but there are also several lookout points along the road past the lighthouse where the oceanic views are just spectacular. At one turning, you greeted to a full and magnificent view of Mount Fuji.

Irozaki, Minamiizu-cho Kamo-gun, Shizuoka, 415-0156, Japan
TEL 0558-23-0118


There are some spectacular beaches that dot the coastline between Shimoda and Minami Izu. Some of the favourites are Yumigahama and Tatado but of course there is the famous and most popular Shirahama beach. Even in the height of winter surfers and kayakers can be seen atop a white crested wave.

Minato, Minamiizu-cho Kamo-gun, Shizuoka, 415-0152, Japan

Hirizo Beach

Hirizo beach is the best kept secret in Izu and less than a 10 minute drive from Hamabe Ose. Drive down to Nakagi Port and wait for the next boat to take you out to the beaches. So the beach are rocky but the water is crystal clear – prepare to snorkel against some spectacular rocky backdrops. Beware that if it’s summer you won’t be alone!

Hirizo beach can be accessed by service boat from the Nakagi Port.