“ A Truly Unique Retreat ”

Hamabe Ose is a truly unique retreat.

Perched atop a secluded headland of a natural conservation park, it is a rare property with a view that takes in the full grandeur of the ocean.

This is made even more dramatic by volcanic rock formations and islands each with their own story. Further to the south lies the Irozaki lighthouse which marks the southern most tip of the Izu Peninsula. Hamabe Ose fully deserves its accolade as having one of the “Top 100 views of Japan.”


Located in Ose, Minami-Izu, roughly a 15 minute drive south from Izukyu – Shimoda station. Leaving the station, take route 136 towards Minami-Izu. Drive exactly 9 kilometres from the station until you see signs to turn right towards Irozaki. Turn right and head towards Irozaki. 2 – 3 kilometres from that turning, you would see a B&B named Gin-no-umi on the right. Please stop here to pick up the keys for the house. Izukyu-Shimoda station is a just under 3 hour train ride south of Tokyo. We recommend people take the “Odoriko” train from either Tokyo or Shinagawa stations. The ride itself is very scenic as a large part of it runs along the coast. If arriving into Haneda airport, you can also take the train from Yokohama which cuts the journey time by about 30 minutes.

Driving from Tokyo to Shimoda is equally scenic but more inland through the mountains and takes some 3-4 hours from central Tokyo.

There are 2 rental car companies at Shimoda station.
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